E-Learning 2.0
Intertech leader in e-education
with Methody open the e-learning 2.0
technologies to all companies

METHODY is the first turn key, pay per use e-learning service in Europe, that allows any size organization to benefit from e-learning opportunities without the massive investment required by this technology. In fact Intertech does not sell the application, but a service that companies can totally outsource.
Based on most advanced technology, Methody focuses on the effectiveness of the training rather than on the delivery of the content and thanks to up to date forum, wikies and FAQ provides a continuous learning environment for you work force even after the training session.
METHODY is provided with a powerful virtual class able to grant typical social dynamics of traditional classroom training.
Accessible in 13 languages, METHODY is the solution for multinational organizations. Granting simultaneous access to video content to more than 2.500 users, METHODY is top performer in the Market.
Distribution agreements with top content providers, compliment our service with a library of more than 200 titles in management and language training in more 10 languages.
In the last 5 year, METHODY has delivered more than 100.000 e-learning courses, of which 30.000 in the last 12 months.
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