Consulting 360°  
high availability, security, virtualization, cloud computing
voice over ip, document dematerialization, video streaming
scalability, load balancing, clustering ....

Thanks to continuous involvement in R&D, we are able to provide consultancy services on all areas of corporate information systems .
Information Systems Assessment
The activities carried out by our team include:
  • definition and implementation of IT processes and best practices to support knowledge management, documents sharing, and dematerialization;
  • update / upgrade of information systems, additions and / or migration from proprietary technologies to open-source technologies with particular attention to the needs of the typical enterprise environments such as scalability, high availability, clustering and security;
  • optimization and consolidation of obsolete infrastructure, through virtualization and cloud computing technologies, providing up to 75% reduction in maintenance costs of infrastructure;
  • definition and implementation of business continuity and disaster recovery processes.
Management & operations
  • on-site technical support services and/or remote help-desk, able to integrate or totally outsource;
  • access to Intertech Open Library, full of articles, reviews, reports and guides to the most successful open source software at various levels of complexity, from micro to medium enterprises (CRM , ERP, etc);
  • technical training services on open-source and Linux enterprise systems, training on the job & continuous learning.
Security & compliance
Our services cover all critical areas for data security, cryptography (data storage, web services, content, e-mail), firewalls, VPNs, intrusion prevention systems.
Our services consists of penetration test and security assessment and a proper definition and implementation of procedures designed to ensure compliance with existing rules governing the electronic processing of sensitive data.